Check out these websites to learn more:

Tree Climberís Coalition (TCC) has a forum and is an organization that is striving to help tree climbing become a recognized and accredited outdoor activity.


Tree Climbers International (TCI) has a lot of good information about getting involved in tree climbing, and their discussion boards are very helpful.


Bob Wray runs Blue Ridge Tree Climbing, which is located in Meadows of Dan, VA. He offers guided climbs as well as instruction in basic tree climbing.


The climbers from Tree Climbing Japan climb with disabled people in Japan.


The Tree Climbing Colorado website has some great information about tree climbing, and has an excellent discussion about why tree climbing and other outdoor activities are so vital to us and to the community as a whole.


Tree and Other Ecological Resources

Identifying Michigan trees

Identifying Ohio trees (many of these species live in Michigan)

Tree and forestry site at has an excellent site that discusses tree biology as well as climbing.


Equipment Vendors and Supplies

New Tribe



Gear Express

On Rope 1


Program Services

YWCA Camp Cavell is the site of Muscular Dystrophy summer camps.

Trailís Edge Camp (University of Michiganís Mott Childrenís Hospital)

Fresh Air Camp (Cleveland Clinic)

Community Legal Resources


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